Monthly Archives: April 2020

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Veterans of Foreign Wars Ohio Charities

The impacts of the coronavirus at the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Ohio Charities are significant.  Pryor to the pandemic, VFWOC was on track to break $6 million dollars per year for Charity. In January of 2020 we brought in $481, 492.50 and would have averaged ½ million per month this year.


Due to this loss we have had to pause our sponsorship programs to local charities all around the state of Ohio such as scouts, boys’ and girls’ clubs, schools, ROTC programs and First Responders to name a few. We also had to scale back on helping Veterans, their family members and those in their community who struggled to pay their bills due to injury or illness. We are still supporting food pantries and those who need assistance with medications and emergency medical supplies as well as purchasing PPE equipment for the VA hospitals and supplying them with food vouchers.


However, if our Posts and Clubs do not get to open soon that too will become a challenge.  The long-term effects of this pandemic will be catastrophic for some of our Posts and it may take us a very long time to get back to those numbers.


We are certain that the passing of HB 282 will speed up our recovery time. That is why it is imperative that we get resolution on it as soon as possible.  Thanks for all you are doing for the Veterans and Fraternal organizations!

April 22nd, 2020