Columbus Dispatch Article Highlights the OVFCC

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Today, The Columbus Dispatch published an article that highlighted the efforts of the Ohio Veterans and Fraternal Charitable Coalition (OVFCC) to raise funds for local and state-wide charities.


The article, in the March 10th Sunday edition of The Dispatch, gave many insights into how the OVFCC ‘s video raffle program can help not only bring in money specifically for charities, but enable these organizations to begin to reverse “years of revenue decline.”


The article focuses on how the technology of the video raffle system provides member organizations of the OVFCC a chance to offer their patrons an entertaining way to spend time and support their post and the charities they sponsor.  The effect of the terminals is already being felt by these local organizations:


Veterans organizations say the machines are doing what they’d hoped. Members are playing the terminals rather than sweepstakes machines outside of posts.


Are the two machines at the Gahanna VFW post popular?


“Extremely,” said Pam Williams, the canteen manager.


In the last 15 months, the OVFCC has raised over $2.8 million for the veterans organizations, fraternal orders and the charities they sponsor.  By partnering together, the OVFCC is proud to help support important, state-wide populations, such as Ohio veterans, who number over four million in the state.


The OVFCC is also the primary sponsor of the Commemoration of Vietnam Veterans, which is scheduled to take place in late March in Columbus.  The Commemoration will feature the mobile Vietnam Veterans Wall Exhibit, which will be displayed at the Ohio State House.  The OVFCC contributed over $50,000 in support of the Commemoration.