Rep. Perales Introduces H.B. 325 to support Vets and Fraternals

 The Ohio Statehouse (courtesy:

The Ohio Statehouse (courtesy:


After over a year of contemplation, feedback, edits and advising, yesterday can only be described as a landmark for veterans’ and fraternal groups in the state of Ohio.


Representative Rick Perales (R – Beavercreek) introduced House Bill 325 last night in the Ohio House of Representatives, asking for the Ohio Legislation to clarify the rules for charitable gaming in the state, and to continue the charitable efforts of veterans and fraternal organizations.


To date, those charitable efforts have raised over $5,000,000 for charities in under two years.


Rep. Perales, a 15-year veteran of the United States Air Force, knows clarifying the laws in Ohio is a dramatic step in continuing the charitable efforts of Ohio’s veterans’ and fraternal organizations.


“This legislation (House Bill 325) is essential to helping veterans and fraternal organizations continue the good works made possible by the video raffle program in recent years,” said Rep. Perales. “It’s very unfortunate that these programs have been put in jeopardy. It’s time that the General Assembly moves forward and shows its support for those who have served their country so valiantly.”


“I am very fortunate to have many current military members and veterans in my home area and I have seen firsthand what this program accomplishes,” Rep. Perales said. “Homeless veterans have been sheltered, struggling families have received food donations and the list goes on. I am sure if my colleagues check with charities in their areas, they will hear the same stories and see the same results.”


The full statement from Rep. Perales’s office can be found by clicking here.


Stay tuned to the OVFCC Website and Blog for the most up to date information, as H.B. 325 moves through the legislature.