The Intelligencer: “Give Veterans a Break in Ohio”

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In light of the recent comments of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, at least one newspaper thinks that Mr. DeWine and the Ohio Legislature should give veterans’ and fraternal organizations a fair way to raise funds for their organizations and the over 400 charities they support.


Appearing in the editorial section of the October 21st edition, the Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register feels the time has come for legislation that helps so many to be part of the legislative agenda for the Ohio State House of Representatives and the Senate.

Most of the proceeds appear to go to worthy causes. Some veterans’ organizations may need money from the machines merely to stay afloat. And during the past two years, the veterans’ groups have donated $5.4 million in raffle machine proceeds to various charities…


Legislators should consider allowing the electronic raffle machines, with tight limits intended to benefit only legitimate veterans’ and fraternal organizations.


To date, the OVFCC electronic raffle program has raised over $5.5 million for charity, working with the Attorney General and the Ohio Legislature to create the most transparent and fair system of its kind.  Recently, over 200 members of state-wide veteran and fraternal organizations gathered at the Ohio Statehouse in support of the OVFCC program, hoping to encourage legislators to take up the matter.