Vets and Fraternals to Lottery: “Thanks, but no thanks”



The Ohio Lottery’s recent proposal to add “next generation” electronic charitable gaming machines for veterans and fraternal groups’ locations has been met with a resounding “no” from leaders of the state’s prominent veterans and fraternal leaders, the Columbus Dispatch reports.


“…leaders of six statewide organizations sent a letter yesterday to Gov. John Kasich and state legislators, saying they don’t want the machines. The letter was signed by state leaders of the American Legion, VFW and AMVETS, plus the Moose, Eagles and Elks lodges.


They said the lottery deal would not provide posts and lodges with enough money to cover operating costs and continue giving money to charity. They noted that ‘much if not all of our charitable support would dry up.'”


The proposal is up for approval by the State of Ohio’s Controlling Board in early December, and is backed by Governor Kasich’s Administration, but the letter from Ohio’s leading veterans and fraternal groups will likely play a role in whether or not the proposal continues its movement.


The Ohio Veterans and Fraternal Charitable Coalition (OVFCC) supports a different, better option recently put forth by State Representative Rick Perales in the Ohio House of Representatives.  House Bill 325 is aimed at clarifying existing legislation, which would allow organizations to add to the over $5 million already donated to local and national charities, rather than contributing almost solely to education, to which all Ohio Lottery programs donate.


The OVFCC urges all veterans and fraternal members to reach out to their district’s lawmakers to support H.B. 325, which establishes a fair and transparent means for their organizations to support their lodges and other charitable endeavors.